FS: Pioneer VSXD2012K (Exact same as the ELITE 45TX, a true Elite!)

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    For sale is the Pioneer 2012K which is the exact same unit as the 45TX except without the glossy finish. This has all the processing you will need i.e. DD/DTS, EX/ES, PL-II and Neo6 with many other DSP settings. It comes with Auto MCACC including Mic for setup and a 5 band EQ with 5 presets.
    The unit has spare power to burn as it is very powerful with 100W x 7 channels and weighs around 42lbs. It is almost brand new as I barely used it for 2 months and that too as a prepro. I have since purchased a B&K Ref 50 so this has to go. This unit makes a great prepro and comes with an RS232 port, a USB port, etc. I have this unit ready to be shipped out in it's own box, manual, remote and the setup Mic.
    Price without shipping will be $479.00 and Paypal will be an additional 3%. Rough shipping estimate is around $30 as this thing is heavy around 43lbs. plus the weight of the box.
    NOTE: The accompanying remote control is a great learning remote, the same unit that came with the 45TX and is really usable as one solution.

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