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    I've got a 6 year old barely used Pioneer Elite CLD 59 laserdisc player with some laserdiscs for sale for
    $450 obo+shipping

    The Pioneer I've had sitting in a box since 1998. Honestly watched only 3 of the movies I bought to completion. And used the other LD's to impress my friends with AC3 (new at the time). But due to graduate work I never had time to play with it. I've since sold the demodulator but never got to sell the Pioneer. So it's essentially new. Laquer like black finish is still shiny. The remote is even shinier. It has original manual and warranty sheet that I never sent in. Plastic wrapping for manual even has browned original tape. Only thing I see that does not look new are the "gold" plated video jacks show a little scuff marks. It has the original white pioneer box as well but I wrote my name and address with a marker on it.
    I just hooked it up and it seems to work fine.

    I'm asking $450 obo +shipping for the Pioneer with the following LD's included:

    The Rock (WS DD), Pulp Fiction Criterion Collection boxed set (WS DD), Top Gun (WS DD), Twister (WS DD), Die Hard 2 (WS DD), Batman (WS STEREO), Star Wars (FS Stereo), Empire Strikes Back (FS Stereo), and Return of the Jedi (FS Stereo). I've not played thru the entire collection but I have no reason to believe than any of the discs are defective.

    I never really got into LD's so I don't know what is market value so please make me an offer if you're interested.

    BTW, I've never sold anything on HTF. Wife and I have made a few transactions on ebay under 22-nd. And I've sold and bought one or two items on audiogon under pgy2.


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