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    Feb 19, 2002
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    Hello all-

    I have a Parasound HCA855 (85X5) that I am offering for sale...I bought it brand new in July 2002 and have been using it with the matching AVC1800 preamp, but have the opportunity to upgrade (new B&K AVR507) and the amp has become expendable. It is a killer performer despite its modest specs, and I am willing to throw in my 5 500 series Monster interconnects to make connection easy, as I won't be needing them with the receiver. Everything is like new with all original materials (even double boxes!). When new, the amp sold for $1000 and the cables nearly $300...I am asking $500 + shipping firm. Anyone thinking of adding power to their receiver or looking to get into seperates cheap, send me a note! Thanks in advance.


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