FS: Nordost Solar Wind, Flatline Gold MKII, 6 meter

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    Selling Nordost Solar Wind speaker cables, 6 meter, banana, bi-wire. Very good condition. Uncharacteristically, I do not have the original package. It will be shipped using bubble wrap. (SOLD!)

    Selling Nordost Flatline Gold MKII, 6 meter, banana, single cable for center channel spkr. Excellent condition. Original packaging. Can also be cut and re-terminated to use as front pair.

    Great for rooms with difficult to manage dimensions or long runs. These were used in my previous home. I'm the original owner of both.

    My member ID on audiogon and ebay is asindc. I have an 100% rating on both.

    Price: Solar Wind-$220.00 (SOLD!)

    Flatline Gold MKII-$55.00

    I'm in the Washington, DC area and I can be reached at asindc@yahoo.com.


    P.S.: Please see other ad for Harman Kardon CD player.

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