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    Hello all,

    Gotta make some space so the laserdisc collection's gotta go. The whole thing for $100 obo if you can pick up in NYC (Manhattan LES). $100 plus shipping if you can't pick them up. I'll check out how much it costs to ship if anyone's interested. If you pick up in NYC, I'll throw in my laserdisc player, I think it's a Pioneer base model 5-something for free. It's in storage right now so I can't check. Again, if someone's interested, I'll go dig it out of storage. (Edit) The player is a Pioneer CLD-D505

    Criterion Collection Laserdiscs
    West Side Story Criterion Coll. Box Set
    This is Spinal Tap Criterion Coll.
    The Princess Bride Criterion Coll.
    Monty Python & the Holy Grail Criterion Coll.
    The Killer (John Woo) Criterion Coll.
    Hard Boiled (John Woo) Criterion Coll.
    Brazil Criterion Coll. Box Set
    Blade Runner Criterion Coll. (Original ver)

    The rest:
    Rocky Horror Picture Show 20th Anniversary Spec Ed Box Set
    E.T. Directors Deluxe Ed. Box Set (un-opened)
    T2 Spec Ltd Ed Numbered Box Set
    Return of the Jedi (Ltx) ORIGINAL VERSION (non Spec Ed)
    Star Wars (Ltx) ORIGINAL VERSION (non Spec Ed)
    Empire Strikes Back (Ltx) ORIGINAL VERSION (non Spec Ed)
    You Only Live Twice - Ltx (un-opened)
    Unforgiven Ltx
    Toy Story Ltx
    Thelma & Louise Del. Ltx Ed.
    Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country Ltx
    Star Ttek III: The Search for Spock Ltx
    Speed Ltx
    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938 Errol Flynn)
    The Shawshank Redemption Ltx
    1776 Ltx
    Scarface Signature Coll Box Set
    Quiz Show Ltx (un-opened)
    Once Upon a Time in America Ltx
    The Nightmare Before Christmas Ltx
    The Mask Ltx (un-opened)
    The Longest Day Ltx
    Kiss of Death Ltx
    Kelly's Heroes Ltx
    Joe Jackson: Laughter & Lust Live
    The Idolmaker Ltx
    Forrest Gump Ltx
    La Femme Nikita Ltx
    Dead Man Walking Ltx
    The Crow Ltx
    The Andromeda Strain Ltx
    Alien Special Widescreen Collectors Ed Box Set
    Alien 3 Ltx

    Hope they can find a nice home.


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