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    $5 Airshow$10 Babe (DTS)$5 Beach Girls, The$35 Big Lebowski, The$8 Black Magic$3 Celtic Pride$5 Darkman III (Hong Kong press)$25 Deadly Harvest$5 Dracula (1979 version)$5 Endless Love$5 Extreme Winter$5 Fallen$5 Feds$10 Fog, The$45 Gleaming the Cube$5 Gotcha$15 Hardbodies$15 Hardbodies 2$5 Heathers$9 Holy Man$4 Hot to Trot$5 I Come in Peace$7 I Know What You Did Last Summer$19 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer$4 Ice Storm$5 Let's Bowl$5 Lonely Lady, The$2 Metro$30 Message in a Bottle$35 Mummy, The (1999 Signature Collection)$5 Mummy's Shroud, The (Hammer Collection)$10 My Favorite Martian (late 90s version)$2 Pagemaster, The$7 Phantoms$6 PIt and the Pendulum (Full Moon)$39 Popcorn$5 Postman, The$5 Pulling G's$9 Puppet Master II$5 Rasputin the Mad Monk (Hammer Collection)$5 Runaway$3 Senseless$10 Simon Birch$5 Snake Eyes$14 Subspecies III: Bloodlust$10 Sudden Death (DTS)$5 Torchlight$12 True Crime$14 Tourist Trap$5 V.I.P: My Brother Superman$75 Toxic Avenger: Director's Cut Gold disc w/ autographed Lloyd K. insert$10 Volcano (DTS)$15 Weird Cartoons$3 Winnie the Pooh [Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh]$50 WWF Wrestlemania 1$15 Your Friends and NeighborsShipping will be via media mail and delivery tracking. Please PM for a shipping quote.Bulk buying incentives I'll throw in:$50-99: 10% off$100-149: 15% off$150+: 20% off

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