FS: JVC KD-SX940 Car Cd Playa!

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    Alright heres what I have......

    I have a JVC KD-SX940 Car CD PlayerJVC Stereo Picture and Info

    heres the downside. It has no sound. I took it to my stereo dealer to fix it and he told me it is the "internal amp", and its blown or whatever.

    Two solutions to fix it.........
    1. Pay 80.00 to have it serviced (hehe)
    2. Use an external amp. (which most people do anyway)

    So if you have an amp your PERFECT!!!

    I bought it and (no lie) it broke in the first week! I completely forgot about it and lost the warranty [​IMG]

    I bought it new 2 years ago (for 280.00) and HAVE NOT TOUCHED IT SINCE!!!

    In the eyes of anyone it would be MINT and PERFECT minus the amp...lol Website reviews give it a 4.5 out of 5. So its a solid palyer. and it has CDTEXT!!!

    Anyways im really needing money right now and am going through my old stuff........

    JVC KD-SX942 Shipped- 55.00!!
    Great Deal on a Near Perfect Cd Player. Paypal preferred!!

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