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    Bought these awesome speakers over the holidays from a friend who didn't have room for them anymore. I've had them hooked up as a second pair of mains for my HT system. They keep up rather well with my old pair of JBL L-100 which are legendary for their sound.
    Black cabinets w/ gray grills, with the great looking copper colored drivers. One tweet dust cap has a dent and the sides of the cabinets have some light abrasions. The sound is classic JBL, clear and strong. The built in subs/amps work very well. I've been driving them with a Yamaha RX-V1.
    Being very heavy and no boxes available, pick-up or short distance delivery is the only option with these. I live 15 miles west of Jackson, Tenn. 38006.
    $500.00 pickup and $.50 per mile delivery.

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