FS: Infinity Kappa 600 Tower Speaker "very rare!"

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    I have a mint pair of Infinity Kappa 600 in cherry. I am rating it as 8/10, but should be more like a 9/10 as i cannot find any marks or flaws anywhere, but rating it as 8/10 just incase you guys have a more acute eye then i do. These are one the last flagship speaker ever made by Infinity; and better yet, they are completely made in Denmark with excellent craftsmanship and attention to details. The Kappa 600 are not your traditional Infinity's as they put the recent Alphas and Beta to shame. Well obviously they do as they were retailed for over 2400.00 a few years back. The Kappa 600 brings about a warm seductive vocals from their premium 6.5" midrange, yet the 1" tweeter offers a smooth and detailed high end. The bass is quite enough for most musical applications and room size. The 10" woofers are quick, articulate, and powerful. I mated them with both tube and class A amps, and they sound like heaven. The only Infinity i heard that can run toe to toe with them is their Intermezzo line, but not by much. I would never sell these as they rival my pair of NHT T6 and Onix Strata Mini, but they are way too powerful for my 10x10 bedroom. At the same time..it dominates my room. Here are some reviews from audioholic and sensible sound: Infinity Kappa 600 Loudspeakers Review — Reviews and News from Audioholics Infinity Kappa 600 floorstanding loudspeaker. (Components). - Free Online Library I do not have boxes for them, so locals ONLY in MD, 21043. Please add 3% for paypal. Pictures: AudiogoN ForSale: Infinity Kappa 600 Tower Speaker Get them NOW! They will be gone fast! There are only a few of these made for the US from Denmark, and people who have them rarely sells them as they are one of Infinity's rarest gems...as you call see, they are never on audiogon. For the price i am asking...they are a STEAL. Literally 70% off the retail price of $2499.99! and they are yours for $699.99 obo!!!

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