FS: Infinity Interlude 5 channel set, Citation 5.1 Amplifier

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    I've got a full Infinity Interlude speaker set for sale, including a pair of IL-60's with a 12 inch subwoofer powered by a 500 watt amplifier built into each tower, a pair of IL-10 bookshelfs for the surround channels, and an IL-36c center channel. All in maple color. Speakers are in essentially mint condition.

    If you bought these at circuit city when they were new you would have paid exactly $3999.97.

    Asking price is $1200. If you meet my asking price you can have the R.A.B.O.S. Bass Optimization kit. (normally $65 through Infinity). The kit is used for dialing in the settings on the parametric equalizer for the 500 watt amplifiers in each of the towers.

    I also have a Citation 5.1 4 channel amplifier. 100 watts/ch into 8, 150 into 4. Heavy beast of an amplifier -$550

    I'm in the DC metro area and if someone wanted to meet me to pick these things up that would be great, otherwise let me know where you are and I can quote you a shipping charge


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