FS/FT: Toy Story 2, Pulp Fiction, Gone in 60 Seconds, Bad Boys

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    All are sealed and in perfect condition. Shipping is $2 for the first dvd and $1 for each additional dvd:

    Toy Story 2-$15
    Gone in Sixty Seconds (remake)-$10
    Pulp Fiction (original release)-$6
    Bad Boys (Will Smith;original release)-$9

    I will also listen to trades. I am interested in most titles.

    Some I am specifically looking for:
    Terminator: SE
    Nightmare Before Christmas: SE
    Usual Suspects: SE
    Jackie Brown: SE
    Black Christmas: SE
    Visitor Q
    The Kingdom (von trier; canadian edition)
    The Transporter
    Faranhiet 451

    I might do 2:1 in certain circumstances. EMAIL me if interested.

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