FS/FT: Audiobahn ALUM10X 10" subwoofer x 2 VERY CHEAP

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    I have a couple Audiobahn Alum10X driver's laying around here. I shipped them to someone via fedex and they cracked the baskets pretty bad. I've since glued them back together with JB Weld epoxy(amazingly strong stuff). I played some 20Hz sine waves and they play just fine. I more just want to get rid of them than make money. I don't want ship them again so local pickup in the Northern VA area.

    Even though they play fine, I'll ask $30 for the two drivers given the cosmetic condition of the basket. I'll consider a trade for a couple HD DVD or Blu Ray discs as well(I'll consider anything).

    These actually model well for a home sub because the have a relatively low Fs. Here are the T/S parameters:

    Fs - 24.3Hz
    Qts - .38
    Qes - .43
    Vas - 37L
    Re - 5.6 Ohms
    Le - 1.6mH
    Xmax - 13mm one way
    Pmax - 800w

    At $30 for both drivers you can just throw them off the side of a building to see what happens[​IMG].

    I can email pics by request.

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