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    Everything's in excellent shape from my collection unless otherwise noted. I'm pretty much a 'pack rat' and could clear a few of these titles to make space for future purchases. Payment to be made through Paypal. Pics available upon request.

    Shipping Chart:
    $1.99 for the first cd or dvd/hd dvd/blu ray, .99 each add'l
    $3.99 for the first LaserDisc, .99 each add'l
    $3.99 for the first shirt, .99 each add'l.
    $2.99 for the first VHS, .99 each add'l.

    HD DVD

    Troy $12

    Blu Ray

    The Marine $14


    Brewster's Millions $3
    Black Sheep $3
    Dawn of the Dead (Unrated remake) $4
    Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (has some marks / plays perfectly) $3
    Knight's Tale, A SUPERBIT $7
    Omen II, The (original release) $4
    Shining, The (Kubrick Collection) $6
    Sleeping Beauty (2-disc) $15 (has a few marks and plays perfectly)
    Spider Man $5
    Spider Man 2 $5


    $2 each:

    1941 (Discovision)
    Bustin Loose (Discovision)
    DC Cab
    Ed Wood
    Going Berserk (has some speckling)
    Jungle Book (animated)
    Jungle Book (live action)
    La Cage Aux Folles
    Missing in Action
    Night Shift
    Professionals, The
    Save the Tiger
    Quick Change
    Space Jam
    Street Fighter II: The Movie (has some speckling)
    Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War vol. 6

    $5 each:

    Basket Case 2
    Deadly Friend
    Psycho IV


    25 cents each:

    Amazing Panda Adventure
    Bright Lights, Big City
    Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (sealed)
    Killing Machine
    Legally Blonde
    Mazes and Monsters
    Once Upon a Crime
    Street Fighter
    Swan Lake
    Wildlife in Action vol. 2
    Wildlife in Action vol. 3
    Wildlife in Action vol. 4
    Wildlife in Action vol. 5

    Movie Shirts

    3rd Rock from the Sun -- XL $5
    Beastmaster II -- XL $5
    Night at the Roxbury, A -- XL $3
    Rock A Doodle -- XL $4
    Spawn (HBO miniseries) -- XL $4

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