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    I'm going to be moving in a few weeks. It's a smaller place, but at least I won't have to deal with having roommates like I am now. But since it is small, I just don't think there will be much for room for the system I have now so I'm going to scale back a little bit. I hate to get rid of these. They're excellent speakers, and probably the best I've ever owned. They are:

    One pair of Connoisseur C3's
    One pair of C1's
    One CC-1 center speaker

    The C3's and CC-1 I bought from Audio Advisor and they are still under warranty. I will include the original receipt for these. The C1's were bought used from Ebay. They're all in great shape. No marks, dings, etc. The plactic coverings on the binding posts of the C1's are somewhat cracked, presumably from being overtightened but do not affect performance in any way. I still have the manuals and boxes for the C3s and the CC1. I don't have the original box for the C1s, though.


    C3's: $200
    CC1: $150
    C1's: $100

    Prices include shipping. I will also throw in speaker wire. If you're interested, reply here, or just send me a pm. Either one will work. Thanks for looking.


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