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    Here are a few cheap 'package' deals here to free up room. [​IMG] Everything is of course an original, complete product from my collection.

    DVDs: ( ALL 5 for $10 shipped )

    Dawn of the Dead (unrated remake)
    Harvard Man
    Omen III
    Omen IV
    Johnny Mnemonic

    The DVDs have a few marks on them but play just fine.

    LaserDiscs: ( ALL 10 for $20 shipped )

    Advocate, The
    Basket Case 2
    Deadly Friend
    Man Who Fell to Earth, The
    Police Academy 6
    Psycho 2
    Psycho 4
    Twisted Obsession
    Reversal of Fortune

    Excellent shape.

    VHS: ( ALL 7 of them $10 shipped )

    Alien Hunter
    Slashed Dreams
    Witchcraft - Salem's Goast
    Witchcraft 6
    Witchouse II - Blood Coven
    Unborn II

    Excellent shape.

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