FS Disney Tins OOP, Gettysburg OOP, all sealed.

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    I have a number of Disney Treasure Tins that I bought after the B&M stores sold out of them. All are **USA Disney** 100% authentic factory sealed and nice, either flawless or with very minor imperfections. All get shipped to you in a padded box with tracking and insurance. If you want expedited mailing it will be $3.00 more.

    Mickey Mouse: In Living Color - $87.00

    Mickey Mouse: In Black & White - $42.00

    Silly Symphonies - $49.00

    The Complete Goofy - $44.00

    I do not take paypal. A money order, or, if we have dealt before, a personal check will work. Any one of these would make a nice gift for that special person in your life. Please email me if you are interested. I will do discounts for multiple purchases.


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