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    The speaker that was the "parent" of the current model BP-30.


    For the ultimate in musical and home theater performance.

    Audio/video enthusiasts and world renowned experts in over 30 nations have acknowledged the dramatic sonic superiority of Definitive Technology’s loudspeakers for both the superb reproduction of music and the dramatic special effects and dialogue of home theatre surround sound. Definitive speakers are specifically designed to excel in both areas, unlike some speakers which offer good musical reproduction but fall flat when subjected to the dynamic demands of home theatre, or others which are engineered for home theatre but offer poor musical reproduction.

    Definitive’s excellence has been honored by many awards including the prestigious Design and Engineering Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

    9" W x 15" D x 46" H
    18 Hz - 28 kHz
    90 dB efficiency
    6 ohms impedance
    2 x 1" silk fabric tweeters + 4 x 6.5" bass-midranges

    (Some people feel that the current model BP-30, because of the Al dome tweeter instead of the silk fabric tweeters of the BP-20, are harsher.)

    Original Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price $800/each

    My price: $500 total.

    The speakers are in very good shape, and come with the manual and warranty registration card.

    These speakers feature a "bipolar" dispersion pattern, and have drivers on both the front and rear faces. Basically, the speaker uses room reflections to enhance the speaker's sound. Because of this, they are a lot less senstive to placement than normal "direct radiators", which usually are recommended to be 3 ft away from any room boundary.

    Because I don't have the boxes, and because they weigh something like 70 lbs each, a local buyer is very much preferred (SF Bay Area). If we can work it out, I'd be willing to drive up to 100 miles to deliver them (they do fit in my car).

    Cashier’s check, money order, and personal check (must clear 1st) accepted. Email me about Paypal.

    My ebay id is kcb-5. Check it out: NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. Ever. Zip, zilch, zero negative comments from anyone who has dealt with me.

    I'm not a dealer out to make a buck. Just an audio/videophile who likes to try different things. [​IMG]

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