FS: Cheap Blu Ray / HD DVD / DVD (including Superbit and TV box sets)

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    Shipping is $2.49 for the first dvd and $.99 each additional. For TV box sets, shipping will be $3.49 for the first set and $.99 each additional. Delivery confirmation is included in the price.

    Blu Ray:

    $15 The Marine

    HD DVD:

    $13 Troy (original release)


    $3 Black Sheep (notes: Farley/Spade comedy)
    $3 Brewster's Millions (notes: Pryor/Candy comedy)
    $4 Dawn of the Dead (notes: Unrated remake with slipcase)
    $7 Knight's Tale, A SUPERBIT
    $4 Omen II (notes: original 2000 dvd release)
    $12 Sleeping Beauty (notes: 2 disc version; has several cosmetic marks on disc 1 but plays perfectly)

    TV sets:

    $17 Cheers: Season 2
    $12 Jury, The (British series)
    $12 Malcolm in the Middle: Season 1
    $20 Sopranos: Season 3


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