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    Blu Rays $6 Alien $7 Evil Dead (single disc version; sealed) $5 Hostel 1 & 2 double feature (sealed) $3 Last Dance (sealed) $3 The Tie That Binds (sealed) $3 The War at Home (sealed) HD DVDs $9 Planet Earth: BBC Series with David Attenborough narration $12 Total Recall (French import) LaserDiscs WS = Widescreen (4:3 letterbox) Bargain bin.. $2.49/each 2 Days in the Valley (WS) Arachnophobia (WS) Best of the Best 2 (WS) Blue Chips (WS) Born Yesterday (WS) California Suite Cape Fear (WS) Conspiracy Theory (WS) Delta Force Disorganized Crime Doctor Detroit Double Impact Father of the Bride (WS) Father of the Bride 2 (WS) Ferngully: The Last Rainforest Firewalker Heat (WS) Hocus Pocus (WS) In & Out (WS) Juice (WS) Life with Mikey (WS) Maverick (WS) Medicine Man (WS) Metro (WS) Mirrors My Stepmother is an Alien Nick of Time (WS) Once Upon a Time in America (WS) Other People's Money (WS) Outrageous Fortune Parents Police Academy 4 Problem Child Pure Luck Reckless Ruthless People Serial Sister Act (WS) Sleeper Sleepers (WS) The Birdcage (WS) The Couch Trip The Natural (WS) When Harry Met Sally (WS) $4.99/each Basket Case 3 Cool Blue Devil's Own, The (WS) Flesh for Lulu: Live in London Hear No Evil (WS) Kenny G: Live Ladybugs (WS) Mask of Zorro, The (WS) Mac & me Seven Years in Tibet (WS) The Mask: Animated Series, vol. 1 The Mask: Animated Series, vol. 2 There's Something About Mary (WS) U.S. Marshals (WS) $9.99/each Beloved (WS) Fright Night (WS) Lethal Weapon 4 (WS) Madhouse Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie Postman, The (WS) $14.99/each Outrageous Animation, vol. 1 Outrageous Animation, vol. 2 Puppet Master Puppet Master II Puppet Master III Species II (WS) Weird Cartoons $19.99/each Avengers, The (WS) (late 90s movie) Hellgate Parent Trap, The (sealed) (late 90s remake) True Crime (WS) Volcano DTS (WS) $24.99/each Deadly Harvest Hellhole LaserDisc: What it is...How it Works [promotional/demo disc] DVD $29 Super Bowl Shuffle (oop 1985 Chicago Bears cheese classic) $9 Boondock Saints (signed by Ron Jeremy) $4 Cheerleader Massacre (promo screener) $29 Clifford (oop Martin Short/Charles Grodin cheese classic) $14 Fire in the Sky (oop) $4 Flight of the Navigator $5 Flash Gordon: Saviour of the Universe edition $5 Leprechaun 1/2 double feature (sealed) $8 Monster Squad, The $5 Scanners (sealed) Shipping is extra. I can do media mail to save money for within the USA or 1st class international, priority, or flat-rate priority for outside the USA. Please pm for a quote.

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