FS: Avalanche 18s and Crown K2

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    I have a Crown K2 amp that I have been using to power the drivers in my Infinite Baffle subwoofer. I am in the process of having the living room redone and the IB has to go, so I have no need for this amp. I am the second owner of this amp. It works very well, but it does have some scratches on the top, bottom, and sides, from being removed and installed in a rack. I also have a copy of the owner's manual and I made a heavy duty extension cord for the amp, which I'll also include. I'm asking $550, plus shipping for the amp. Or, if the buyer lives anywhere near Leesburg, FL, Zip 34731, and would like to pick it up, I would prefer that.

    I also have four - eighteen inch Ascendant Audio Avalanche drivers that were installed in my Infinite Baffle subwoofer. Three of the drivers are in very good shape, but the fourth one has a small tear in the rubber. The driver still works fine as far as I can tell, but I've been told that the folks at Fi Audio can repair it if desired - http://www.ficaraudio.com . I am asking $650 for the four of them plus shipping. I am disabled and would prefer that the drivers be picked up at my home, Leesburg, FL, Zip 34731, if the buyer lives in or near my area.

    Sorry, but I don't have any pics at present to post, as I don't own a digicam. I can get some pictures taken if needed, however.

    Avalanche 18 specs:
    Fs 16 Hz
    Qms 6.00
    Qes .429
    Qts .400
    Vas 550 Liters
    Re 3.2 Ohms
    Znom* 4 Ohms
    Sd 1210 cm^2
    Xmax (27 mm one-way)
    Mms 369 g
    Vd 6.53 L
    Pnom 800 Watts
    Le 2.4 mH
    Cutout 16.75"
    Diameter 18.5"
    Depth 9.1"
    Weight 42 pounds

    *Dual 2 Ohm coils in series

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