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    Just bought the Casablanca Ultimate Edition blu-ray and it's great. What's not great to me is the fact that there was no way to buy just the movie. If you haven't heard, this release is a large box that contains:

    -A tri-fold digipack containing the the discs
    -A cardboard box containing a Casablanca logoed Passport holder and luggage tag.
    -A Hardcover 48 page photo book with several publicity and production images from the film and an extensive essay about the film's production and legacy by Rudy Behlmer.
    -A cardboard folder with seven replicas of Casablanca movie posters, three replicas of vintage lobby cards, and three replica documents including
    A July 17, 1940 letter from Warner Bros. Advertising and Publicity Director S. Charles Einfeld to one of his employees directing him to sell Bogart as a romantic star to overcome his typecasting as a "gangster character".
    A December 31, 1941 inter-office memo from Hal Wallis to all Warner Bros. departments indicating that the film's title was changing from "Everybody Comes to Rick's" to "Casablanca".
    An April 3, 1942 inter-office memo from Hal Wallis to Jack Warner strongly discouraging the casting of George Raft in favor of Humphrey Bogart.
    My favorite item in the folder is a replica of the actual letter of transit prop that was used in the film. The replica posters and lobby cards are on sturdy cardboard while the replica documents and prop are on regular paper.
    -A paper insert that can be used to order a 27" x 40" Casablanca movie poster if the coupon is mailed in with a sales receipt for the Casablanca UCE, a proof of purchase tab from the promotional paper sticky-tacked to the DVD Box, and $3.25 in shipping and handling.

    I'm selling everything but the two discs and the digipak that holds them. You can have the giant box and everything else for only $10 plus shipping (probably $5). And since I just opened this an hour ago, that pretty much means it's all in like-new condition.

    So Casablanca fans, this is an opportunity to pick all of those great WB inserts for very little cash. And if you want to order the poster, you can have my receipt too (which is needed for it).

    PM me if you're interested.


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