Free for DC Pickup - Sony 32" XBR2 (1992)

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Christopher D, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I have retired my formerly (way formerly) top-of-the-line 32" KV-32XBR95S Sony XBR2 television. I'm looking for a good home for it (preferably not to be used for parts) and would be happy to turn it over for free to anyone here who is willing to pick it up in the DC area. It is generally still in working order, although the left stereo channel occasionally cut out and IIRC (I haven't used it in about a year) there were intermittent rolling bars when it went into storage.

    In any event, I must get it out of my storage unit. It would be a shame to junk a piece of hardware like this, so please PM me if you are interested. It comes with the speakers, remote, and the factory stand. Preference will be given to anyone seeking to refurbish and use the unit, followed by anyone who might want it for parts. If the set isn't spoken for within the next couple of weeks, it will likely be junked, so please save it!


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