FOX on 720p HDTV, OAR, etc

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    I read an interesting interview with Fox's President of Engineering regarding the Network's initial plans for their implementation of the 720p HDTV format. Key points of interest to me were:

    Fox will request that producers deliver in 720p widescreen and in Dolby Digital (Which I assume means DD 5.1). Shows delivered in 480i or 480P will be converted and/or deinterlaced to 720p as required.

    For movies, either of the two common aspect ratios (1.85:1 & 2.40:1) will be letterboxed within the 16x9 HD image. To quote Fox Engineering President Andrew Setos "We put a very heavy emphasis on faithfully representing what the producer's intentions are for the sound and picture experience."

    Fox's move to 720p isn't limited to the Fox Network. The company told the FCC it's entered into an agreement with Time Warner Cable to provide 720p telecasts of NBA, NHL and Major League games, possibly as soon as this fall. Fox indicated that more such agreements would be forthcoming.

    And as stated previously to the press, Fox told the FCC it would transmit at least half of it's Prime-time programming in 720p by fall of 2004.

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