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Discussion in 'Forum Help and Feedback' started by USSValor, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I haven't frequented the forum in a while and was drawn back by the Contest.

    I am disappointed to see that the participation rate is pretty poor. I am pretty sure I recall the forum being a hopping place when I first joined 7 years ago, which I guess is the reason for the contest.

    I do have some suggestions about the layout of the "forums".

    Since the website is called "home theater forum" the focus needs to be on the forum. Even though the forum button is currently the first "button selection" on top, it's very small. In addition, the layout of the forum and the categories is completely and utterly confusing. It needs to be more simple and comprehensible to not alienate new visitors to the site.

    Even though I am a "returning poster" to the site, I am discouraged from participating in the forum discussions due to the fact that the forum setup is completely and utterly confusing. For example, there are two categories that sound very similar: "DVD & Blue-ray Reviews" and "Blue-ray, DVD, Streaming Video and Digital Downloads". There are many other things that are confusing and don't make sense and it would take a long time to list everything here, so all I'm going to do is suggest that you put together a little committee of seasoned and new members and ask how the forum setup can be revamped.

    At the very least, the forum categories need to be on the front page. if not "smack in the middle" at least on the side and not limited to the tiny drop down menu in the top left hand corner.

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