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    Yesterday I watched the U. K. BRD of Fortress Of War. I hadn't seen this film before so I can't say how well this disc reproduces the look of the movie. What I can say is that the transfer is very clean and without any obvious defects. The images are clear and the colors subdued but very natural-looking. My guess is that this is an excellent transfer.
    The BRD is Zone B locked. The dialogue is in Russian with English subtitles. There is no English language soundtrack so if you hate subtitles, this disc is not for you.
    Fortress Of War tells of the German surprise attack on Brest in 1941 when the Russians, outnumbered and out-gunned, held on for days without food and water. This being a Russian film, the Germans are presented as total villains with no redeeming qualities while the Russians, including children, are uniformly brave. Although some Russians are shown to be afraid, there are no Russian cowards. The action sequences are well staged and those who designed and dressed the sets deserve a hearty pat on the back. The actors have all been cast for their acting and not for their looks: there are no movie star faces in Fortress Of War. (Shades of Neo Realism!)
    I reckon before I get the true measure of this film, I will need to see it at least two more times but I am already confident that it is a very considerable film. Anyone who likes war movies, can tolerate subtitles and who is Zone free on Blu-ray, would do well to invest in this BRD.

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