For Sale - Mint Condition ED a7s-450

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    I have recently had to move and will be selling my mint condition ED a7s-450.
    I will try to add pictures soon as I am posting this at work...
    It is great with an 18" driver and 1300 watt amp. It is sealed so the sub works great for music and movies. I enjoyed for both.
    Here are a couple reviews...
    The sub is in perfect condition and I loved it but due to shared walls it is not practical for me anymore.
    I never pushed the sub at all because I had not had it long befor eI had to move. I was still working to "burn-in" the sub and never wanted to push it very hard at all.
    Also I will be selling my entire surround sound system.
    I will include those items below with prices if you are interested.
    4 Infinity Primus P163 $75 each
    1 Infinity Primus PC351 $150
    1 Onkyo TX-SR608 $240
    Local pickup would be the best option as the sub is very heavy. Also, I will offer a discount if someone were to buy all of the pieces. As it stands the total price is $1,440 but I will let go for $1,300 if all pieces are bought.
    My zip code is please let me know (PM or comment) if you have any questions.

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