Fixing/replacing an outdoor light fixture?

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    The original issue is long since resolved, but now I have a new one. There's a two-plug outlet in my back yard that didn't seem to be working, until I thought of the switch in the living room. With the switch on, the outlets work. Cool, good place for a landscape light controller. BUT, the switch also turns on the back floods. Do not want. So, my options are: a) put in some dead bulbs and forget the floods; b) install a switch for the floods.
    A is easy, but I hate killing lights even if I rarely ever use them. How easy is it to install a switch? The power to the floods is external, running down the wall, inside a protective tubing, so I can get to the wires. Don't really relish the idea of having an outdoor switch, but it's alright. If I went with option A, do they make some kind of dummy that you can screw into a socket so you keep water out? It doesn't even have to look like a bulb--just some socket cover. But, I probably will eventually go with a switch.

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