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    [SIZE= 10pt] FIRST SPEAKER BRAND TO OFFER CONSUMERS TRUE HIGH-DEFINITION WIRELESS HOME THEATER SURROUND SOUND WITH FOCUS ENHANCEMENTS' SUMMIT TECHNOLOGY[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]Demonstrating Superior Fidelity with Automated Calibration and Fast Set up, Aperion’s Summit Enabled Speakers to be Showcased At CEDIA EXPO[/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]Campbell, CA - August 31, 2009 -- Focus Enhancements, Inc., a leading supplier of wireless audio technologies announces its partnership with Aperion Audio, [/SIZE]a consumer direct maker of award-winning home theater speaker systems. The two companies are joining efforts to offer consumers the first home theater system with Focus Enhancements' Summit wireless technology (“Summit”). Aperion’s Intimus[SIZE= 9pt]®[/SIZE] 5 series speakers will be showcased at CEDIA Expo and plans to introduce similar home theater speakers with integrated Summit technology in the first half of 2010.

    [SIZE= 12pt]The out-of-box experience for consumers installing a home theater surround sound system has long been plagued with challenges and frustrations due to the complexity of speaker placement, calibrating audio for desired listening position, burying wires or drilling holes to hide wires, which could take hours and require hiring a professional installer. These obstacles have been overcome, in addition to delivering high fidelity audio wirelessly, with Summit enabled Aperion speakers.

    [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]“Aperion Audio has built its reputation with home theater audio enthusiasts delivering high quality speakers at a value and is constantly researching new technologies to enhance the user experience,” said Ed de la Fuente, vice president of marketing, Aperion. “We are thrilled to offer a reliable and robust wireless solution with Summit, giving customers the superior audio fidelity they deserve, with a simple, hassle-free set up in minutes.”

    [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]The Aperion speakers will feature [/SIZE]Focus Enhancements’ patent pending Summit technologies for automatic speaker detection, speaker mapping, speaker channel assignment with SpeakerFinder™ and audio sweet spot calibration with MyZone™ that in seconds produces a time aligned sound field for the listener by adjusting, delay and volume to their listening position. Summit audio is designed for scalability from stereo to 7.1 systems so that consumers can add speakers at their discretion. An uncompressed, 24bit, 48Khz pure digital path from the source to speakers, combined with distortion free programmable filters and crossovers, tuneable to the characteristics of the speaker cabinets and drivers, deliver unrivaled clarity and frequency response.

    [SIZE= 12pt]“Consumers no longer have to compromise audio fidelity to satisfy their desire for the convenience and simplicity of wireless surround sound. Speakers with Summit’s digital filters deliver improved fidelity over wired speakers using passive crossovers,” said Tony Parker, vice president of marketing, Focus Enhancements. “The [/SIZE]audio speaker market has been asking for a solution such as this and Summit wireless technology is the first to deliver, forever changing the way consumer electronic companies view home theater and audio distribution.” [FONT= 'Times New Roman'] [/FONT]

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