First Look: Panasonic DMP-BDT310 (2011 Dual HDMI out BD player)

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    HTF got a new Panasonic BDT310 Blu-ray player in for review. We haven't had the chance to do a full review but its looking very promising so far:

    Here are just some of the features:

    Built in WiFi

    3D playback with 2D->3D conversion

    Lots of network/streaming options: Vudu, Cinema Now, Netflix, Amazon, You Tube, Skype (with optional camera), Picasa, Pandora, Twitter and more.
    You can stream pictures and video from your PC.

    Improved GUI over older Panasonic players

    Dual HDMI outputs: perfect for people with 3D TVs and a receiver that doesn't pass through a 3D signal. One HDMI goes direct to the TV for video and they other goes to the AVR for lossless audio.

    Its FAST. Hitting the eject button when the player is off gets you the tray extended in 3 seconds, with the home screen on (assuming HDTV was already on). If you have power saver on it takes about 15 seconds for the home screen to display.

    Its about a third smaller than the previous model.

    The sensor on the top (pictured below) allows the player to power on and open the tray with a wave of your hand on top of the unit. The functionality is disabled by default and can be turned on in the setup menu.

    As with previous Panasonic models the front has a flip down cover making it difficult to put an IR flasher on the front for people putting it in a "hidden" location or using a RF remote. Its easy enough to take the top cover off and put a flasher inside next to the IR receiver. There is an SD and USB slot.

    The back has composite analog and L+R stereo outputs as well as a Toslink optical connection. There is also a Skype camera connection, LAN port and two HDMI outputs

    Top cover off. The green PCB at the top is for the touch free sensor that goes into the lid.


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