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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Joseph DeMartino, Oct 2, 2011.

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    When I finally bought an HD TV six years ago, I had to give up my beloved TiVo Series 2 boxes. An HD TiVo Series 3 was out of reach financially (what did they cost back then? $700? $800? Without lifetime service?) and I wasn't going to pay $20 a month for SD service on a TiVo while paying almost as much for an HD-DVR from the cable company. But times change. A couple of weeks ago I got a Woot! offer for a brand new TivO Premiere - $55 shipped. I was tempted. So I called the cable company. My condo association has a group deal with the cable company, so I pay for basic sevice through my associatoin fee, and get billed for extras by the cable co. Until a couple of years ago, I was paying almost $30 a month. After the contract was renegotiated, my bill dropped to $18.75. Since the bill still said "HD DVR and HD service" I assumed I was paying for my digital "plus" channels. But it turns out they had rolled the HD channels into the "basic" package covered in the condo bill, and I was only paying to rent the HD DVR. So I swapped it for a free cable card and now I have a much better, less buggy, DVR for almos the same price Plus the TiVo does Amazon streaming, which my networked BD player doesn't. As an Amazon Prime member, I get lots of content for no extra charge. So I was able to cancel my Netflix subscription. I am soooo happy to have my TiVo back. Regards, Joe

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