Filmmovement's first DVD: Marion Bridge

Discussion in 'DVD' started by gregstaten, Apr 12, 2003.

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    The first DVD from Film Movement arrived while I was away on business and, based upon this first DVD, I have to highly recommend this new independent/foreign film club.

    The first film is MARION BRIDGE, which won the best first film award at the Toronto Film Festival last year. The film has a very very nice looking 16x9 anamorphic transfer, includes a director commentary track, cast/crew biographies, the film's trailer (also in 16x9), and a short film.

    Of note is that this film is being released simultaneously to filmmovement subscribers and theaters. It opens in select cities on April 18 and was reviewed very favorably in this week's Village Voice.

    Note: You can buy any film in the collection for $19.95 or subscribe to a year of films for $189.00. If you're a lover of smaller independent film, I strongly encourage you to visit Film Movement and check it out.


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