Film referenced in the film Help! (1965)? Ideas?

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    In the Beatles film Help! Paul and Ringo fight from being sucked into an electric hand dryer in a men's room. They hold onto sinks which break with water flying about. With the lads sprawled out on the floor, John and George come into the room, the machine sucking the shirt right off of George's back. They are rescued when the girl (Ahme) turns off the power.

    Clearly this scene reference the prior year's film, GOLDFINGER with Goldfinger being sucked off the jet in the film's climatic scene with Bond hanging on to a shelf, his legs out behind him. Other Goldfinger references occur moments before this scene with a truck operated by the bad guys drops tacks onto the road with the James Bond Theme playing in the background.

    But my guess is that another film featuring water and men hanging on for dear life (and perhaps broken sinks) is also being referenced. I'm drawing a blank. Can anybody think of such a scene?


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