Fighting the Blue - Battle of Britain

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Peter Winton, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Sep 15, 2005
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    Here in the UK, I am enjoying a series called Fighting The Blue, a tribute to the 'few' of the Battle of Britain.

    This documentary uses frequent clips of the 1969 Battle of Britain film, which just happens to be my favourite film of all time. (Vintage aircraft fanatic....)

    The thing is, I am seeing some flying sequences that are definitely cut from the current showings on tv, and on the special edition dvd that I own.

    I was disappointed that unlike Lawrence of Arabia, which was painstaikingly restored to its original glory, the Battle of Britain has never to my knowledge had the deleted scenes restored. It is the one thing that constantly annoys me, as in my humble opinion, some of the flying sequences become very disjointed as a result of these cuts.

    Does anyone know if any dvd of this film exists with all scenes fully restored? If anyone has any info at all relating to the deleted scenes, I should be most grateful to hear from you.


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