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    OK...I thought this might be an interesting topic...

    W all know the big (and even not-so-big) places we turn to for DVDs, as well as other essentials of our hobby. You know...Amazon, BestBuy, Buy.com, DDD, etc.

    But, what are some of the lesser-known places that we turn to for all the little nuts-and-bolts essentials...things like blank media, cables, cases, computer gear...whatever.

    I know I have MY favorite "go-to" places...the FIRST places I look to for all those less-than-exciting essentials. And, so do you.

    So here's the idea... If we all list some of our consistent favorites here, maybe we can turn each other onto some great new shopping options. If everybody tosses in a few gems, we'll all have a great treasure chest to pull from.

    With that thought in mind, let's keep this restricted to e-tailers (as opposed to local brick-and-mortars).

    Here are some of my own personal favorites:



    This is my first and only stop for the Ritek RiData blank DVD media which seems to be totally bullet-proof in ALL of my burners. I practically have a standing order.

    I also purchased a very sweet Pioneer DVR-109 dual-layer burner from here a while back, and it has (so far!) NEVER made a coaster...


    It's an internal, which they themselves put into a quality enclosure for external convenience and portability. If anyone's in the market, I can personally recommend this one.

    Also available USB only, for $15 dollars less:





    Basically, two fronts for the same outfit, with different layouts, and each with some degree of advantage over the other in various aspects. Great sources of info, in addition to actual merchandise. Mailing-list members are kept advised of firmware updates, with links to info, how-to instructions, and direct links to downloads. Excellent all-around resources, IMO.



    I'm also a music trader (only for trader-friendly bands who approve and encourage such activities), and I still turn to these guys for a few goodies.



    Just about anything you need, but they have an obsession with rebates. Still a big personal favorite, though.


    Honorable mentions:




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