FALCO CREST Season 3 - 9 Release Campaign

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    Dear Classic TV Fans,
    If you are like me, you enjoy classic TV. If you are like me and LOVE the TV series Falcon Crest, and you are frustrated at the long delay in releasing Season 3 as well as the remaining seasons due to the slow remastering process, here is something I hope will help to spur Warner Bros. into speeding up their remastering process. With the partnership of the official Falcon Crest fan club in Germany (DFCF) www.falconcrest.org I have created a Facebook page that just needs simple LIKES to be successful.
    Looking over the people who have already clicked LIKE are some noteables from the show itself, including Falcon Crest creator Earl Hamner, Lorenzo Lamas, John H. Fields, Jill Jacobson, Barbara Peeters, David Sheinkopf, Joanie Diener, and Gary Imhoff. Even Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica, who knows support for a series can be integral to getting the show released on DVD has shown his support.
    Please take a moment to review this link and click LIKE. If you are not on Facebook, this is just as good a time as any to take the plunge and get your free Facebook account. Once enough LIKES are recorded, Thomas Pucher, the Falcon Crest Fan Club president, and I will be forwarding them on to his contact at WHV.
    Please also feel free to leave a comment on the wall. All comments will be seen by WHV. This is not the Facebook page to ask for Knots Landing. This page is strictly for Falcon Crest only.
    Thank you for your support and I hope to share good news soon with the administrators of this page about Falcon Crest: The Complete Third Season.
    Have a good day everyone, and please share this link with everyone you know who likes Falcon Crest.
    Tom Tagliente

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