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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Ryan_Day, Apr 8, 2003.

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    Mar 24, 2003
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    I am currently having a very good set of old Tannoy speakers repaired, and also building a sub for my Home Theatre. This means I have an extra set of speakers handy, along with the amp I have that is going to power the sub, I also have an extra amp lying around. The reciever I have is fairly new, but not the most expensive(high quality), I was orriginally going to just put the extra speakers in parrallel with the Tannoy's, but this would be too much load for the amp, which is only rated at 8ohm. Any suggestions at all? How could I amp them from the speaker level output from the reciever, if that's possible? And still have a speaker level out from the reciever to use for speakers!
    Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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