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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Matty P, Feb 21, 2005.

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    For those of us who collect 7" and 18" movie figs, this weekend's Toy Fair brought some great announcements...just a sampling...

    From NECA - 18" Robocop, 18" T2 Endoskeleton, 7" Cult Classics of Tall Man, Frank the Bunny, New Nightmare Freddy, Highlander boxset from the first film, another Crow boxset of Eric vs. Top Dollar from the end of the movie

    From SOTA - 20" Darkness, 18" Creeper, 7" Now Playings of Dog Soldier Werewolf and a deluxe boxset of McReady vs. The Dog-Thing

    From Mezco - 18" Peter, 12" Stewie, Series 3 and 4 family guy figs including a Peter vs. the Chicken set, funny stuff

    I'm also looking forward to NECA's Friday the 13th boxset of Sackhead Jason and his mother in the shrine! Good time to be a figure fan...pics and more can be found all over the place right now



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