Envivio Presents Cloud/Connected TV

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    Envivio is presenting its solutions for personalized TV on any screen. The company is demonstrating a connected TV experience with HD video quality and low bandwidth requirements. The software-based approach is designed to enable cloud TV, reduce infrastructure investments, and facilitate upgrades to HEVC (H.265) encoding and 4K Ultra HD TV. My neighbor works for MS and is on the MPEG committee and in a conversation I had with him a couple days ago stated that H.265 is a huge leap forward in compression technology.

    Also on display will be Envivio’s solution for TV Anytime, for time-shifted TV, network DVR, catch-up, start-over and ad insertion on any screen. Envivio’s compression and video processing solutions will also be featured as part of Sequencia‘s private cloud demonstration. It will definitely be interesting to see how DVR in the cloud works.

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