Energy Connoisseur C-9 Loudspeaker pair in black finish

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    Reduced - The flagship of the Energy Connoisseur line when Energy was in their prime. Sound quality was compared to other products at 3 times the price. An excellent choice for a stereo pair or part of a Home Theater setup. Key data: 250 watts RMS, 94db 1 watt 1 meter, 3db down @ 31 hz In excellent condition, appearance and sound. Original box and packaging included. Also included - screenshots of the C-9 vs the newer $2000 RC-70s . The difference is amazing. "The Energy C-9 and B&W Nautilus 804 are opposite ends of the price scale -- $1300 versus $3500 -- but such a comparison proved to be time well spent, largely due to the high level of performance offered by the C-9s. In fact, the C-9s stood toe to toe with the Nautilus 804s and certainly weren't about to back away from the comparison." ( Quote from review link listed below) Reviews: Manufacturer's product description The flagship of the Connoisseur series is the C-9. Featuring three 6-1/2" woofers in a tall, elegant enclosure, the C-9 is capable of awesome bass, all in a sleek and small footprint. The stereo imaging is kept by the incorporation of Energy's Tapered Crossover System. This directs mid-range frequencies only to the upper most woofer, and the other two woofers are for low frequency support only. This as well as Interloc Bracing and the dual baffle structure of MDF and Spherex front baffles provide a solid enclosure, from which the high technology components can operate within. Full specs Specifications • Speaker Type: 4-way - passive • Response Bandwidth: 31 - 23000 Hz • Input Impedance: 8 Ohm • Recommended Amplifier Power: 5 - 250 Watt • Sensitivity: 94 dB • Crossover Frequency: 2000Hz • Output Features: Bass Reflex • Magnetic Shield: Yes • Connectivity Technology: Wired • Recommended Placing: Floor-standing • Detachable Grilles: Yes • Speaker system details o Speakers Included: Right/left channel speaker - 4-way - 31 - 23000 Hz - 8 Ohm - wired • Driver Details: o Right/left channel speaker : 3 x woofer driver - 6.5" - homopolymer o Right/left channel speaker : 1 x tweeter driver - 1" - aluminum, Right/left channel speaker : 1 x tweeter driver - 1" - aluminum o Right/left channel speaker : 3 x woofer driver - 6.5" - homopolymer • Miscellaneous o MSRP: $ 1299.00

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