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    The whole block is throwing away mattresses, couches, etc...A few days ago I discovered that the person below has them and her legs looked marked up. Last night while going to sleep around 3am (feeding time), I felt something crawling on my legs....I ripped the comforter off and yes two tiny bugs crawling on my sheets...they were small and i used my cell phone light to see them.
    I called my landlord this morning to document this, and they came by...I was told the exterminator was pricey and was given spray that was bought from the exterminator who confirmed the downstairs tenant as having bed bugs...The whole block has them, so the origination is unknown. My landlord does not require to hire an exterminator to take care of this issue...I do..What rights do I have, and are you able to give me some recommendations of some proven exterminators to rid these disagreeable creatures...I can not live like this...
    I currently have sprayed all over my room, washed and dried all my sheets, pillowcases, etc...I have ordered a mattress cover and will get it Wed. I spent over 200 out of pocket on supplies in day...I don't think this is my responsibility..Please advise...:(
    Someone use Baxter???

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