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    Have the following DVDs For Trade or Sale. Prices shipped, all in excellent condition unless noted.

    Hope Springs - romantic comedy: Heather Graham, Minnie Driver
    Bang Bang You're Dead - columbine type movie
    Lunch at Allen's (sealed) - music dvd
    Jeremiah Season 1 $40
    WWF Wrestlemania 1-15 Highlights
    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (FS)
    Ladies Man (pimp comedy)
    Devil's Pond (Tara Reid Thriller)

    All the above for $70 shipped + 4 free dvds

    SCTV Network 90 Volume 1 (sealed) $50
    Survivor Season 1 (sealed) $50
    Scarface Deluxe Ed (sealed) $40

    PS2 games
    Haven: Call of the King
    Madden 2001
    take both for $15 + will add free demos. (OPM, sony, FM4)

    Friends Season 7
    Underworld 2disc
    Enter the Dragon 2disc
    Saving Private Ryan 2disc
    Road Trip
    Old School

    PS2 games

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