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    Free Shipping When You Buy 5 or more dvd titles!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Everything is for sale. I can take Paypal.
    Shipping is $2 for first title and $1 for each after.
    Free Shipping when You buy 5 or More!
    I will give preference to individuals that buy more then 1 title if more then 1 person is interested in something. I am open to giving a discount on 5 or more title purchase which is much preferred to single dvd purchases.
    I will also trade and make killer deals if you have something I want.Gold Trader on DVD TALK.
    Want to sell/trade as many as possible before hitting ebay.

    Dvds for Trade or Sale
    PV=Previously Viewed/Rental


    Armageddon CC 2dvd $12
    Chasing Amy $7
    Chasing Amy $7
    Life Aquatic 2dvd with slipcover $15
    Seventh Seal-$14
    Seven Samurai OOP- Rare First Printing with Restoration Demo-$15
    The Rock $15
    Walkabout $14

    Disneys/Anime/Other Animateds All of these Titles are $10 each unless otherwise noted
    A Bug’s Life C.E. 2dvd *OOP Edition
    A Bugs Life C.E.*2dvd
    Aladdin 2 dvd Platinum $14
    Atlantis-Lost Empire
    Castle in the Sky
    Eight Crazy Nights-Adam Sandler-2dvd S.E.
    Extemely Goofy Movie
    El Dorado-S.E.
    Finding Nemo-2dvd C.E. $7
    Fox and the Hound $7
    Haunted mansion $7
    Hunchback Notre Dame 2 $8
    Ice Age $6
    Land Before Time 8
    Madagascar $8
    Make Mine Music $8
    Make Mine Music $8
    Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
    Mulan 2
    Old Yeller 2dvd
    Tron 2dvd 20th anniversary $7

    TV Shows / Mini Series
    Family Guy Seasons 1&2 $20 each
    Harsh Realm-Chis Carter’s complete tv series. $10
    Miami Vice Season 2 $20
    Rocky & Bullwinkle-Season 1 $15
    That 70’s Show Seasons 1,2,3,4 $20 each or all for $75
    Soap-2nd Seasn $9
    Thin Blue Line-Complete Region 2-$5
    The Tom Green Show-Uncensored $7

    Collector & OOP Dvds
    A Beautiful Mind-2dvd Awards Edition$7
    Abyss-S.E.-2dvd $6
    Basic Instinct-S.E. Ice Pick $5
    The Big Lift-Roan Group OOP $15
    Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS $12
    Castaway-2dvd S.E. $8
    C'est La Vie (1990)-MGM OOP-very rare $15
    Cleopatra-5 Star 3dvd $12
    Dances With Wolves-2dvd DTS $15
    Diamonds are Forever S.E. $10
    Dawn of the Dead-U.E. 4dvd-$15
    Edward Scissorhands Anniversary Edition Tin $10
    Evil Dead-Elite S.E. $5
    Fellowship of the Ring-4dvd S.E.-$12
    Lord of the Rings Extended All three movies $30
    Fight Club 2 dvd Oop $9
    Fight Club 2 dvd OOp
    Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd $5
    Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
    Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd $6
    Les Vampires $35 extremely rare-selling for three times this online
    License to Kill S.E* $12 OOP
    Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Rings-Extended $12 each
    Lord of the Rings-Two Towers—Extended
    Los Angeles Lakers-The Complete History* $35
    Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #11734 $15
    Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #16653
    Mash 5 Star Collection-uncut/restored 2dvd $8
    Moulin Rouge-2dvd $10
    Moulin Rouge-2dvd
    Mr. Wong Collection 2dvd $6
    Rambo Ultimate Edition-3 dvd set-all 3 movies $15
    Salon Kitty-Blue Underground-single disc edition-$10
    School House Rock-2dvd $10
    Who Loved Me-S.E. * $10
    Tron-20th anniv. 2dvd $7
    Romper Stomper-S.E. 2dvd $15
    The Living Daylights S.E. OOP $10
    Terminator 2-Extreme DVD-tin slipcase $5
    Tombstone-Vista Series $10
    Tron C.E. 2 dvd $7
    True Romance-2dvd $9
    Vertigo-C.E. OOP (Orange Cover) $12
    Wet Shorts-Best of Liquid Television MTV OOP and extremely rare $25-way below value on this one.-selling for over $75 or more if you can find it

    Other Good Stuff

    Apollo 13-2dvd Anniv Edition with slipcase $6
    Bio Zombie Mei Ah $7
    Blade –Trinity $5
    Deer Hunter-Legacy Series*$10
    Dumb & Dumber –unrated more dumber then ever platinum* 8
    Evil Dead 2
    Evil Dead Trap-Asian Cult Cinema-Synapse $8
    Gothika-2dvd S.E. with lenticular slipcover $14
    Hooked/Flaming Teen-Age-Something Weird Video S.E. $5
    I love Huckabees 2dvd S.E. with slipcover $15
    Just Before Dawn- S.E.-Shriek Show with slipcover $8
    King Arthur-Extended Unrated-w/slipcover $6
    Memento Mori-Mei Ah-region 0 full screen $5
    Million Dollar Baby-3dvd Deluxe Edition $15
    Nightwatch-this is the Russian release(Not American) Dvd matrix style vampire -english subtitles-reg 1 $8
    Panic Room-Special Edition 3dvd set $15
    Ray-slipcase $5
    RagingBull-S.E. 2dvd* $10
    Ray-Limited Edition 2dvd Set OOP cool packaging $15
    Second Hand Lions-$5
    Scarface-2dvd Anniversary Edition $7
    Seven-2dvd Platinum Series $9
    Star Wars-Trilogy Box set-4dvd $20
    Teen Spirit-Tribute to Kurt Cobain
    The Break-Up-Vince Vaughn/Jennifr Anniston
    The Returner-DTS 2 dvd set-All Region HK Video Co. $8
    Waiting-unrated 2 dvd deluxe with slipcover $5
    College Girl Murders$5
    The Losers $6
    Titanic-S.E. 3dvd set* $18
    House of Flying Daggers-DTS-Hk Region 3-$5
    Land of the Dead-Unrated Director's Cut with Slipcase-$5

    Have these recent Adult releases available for trade or sale. High Quality Collector type editions. Absolutely bargain priced.All 2005/2006 releases-brand new/sealed. $10 each-paypal accepted.
    Shipping $2 first dvd $1 dollar there after.
    Buy 5 or more and shipping is FREE (U.S.A).

    Candida Royalle's Revelations-2 dvd set-shot on 35mm film

    Pushed Catfight volume 1

    Dirty Birds

    But I'm with the Band-5.1 dolby sound,anamorhic widescreen-shot in hi def with slipcover-Keri Sable


    Baby Face 2-with slipcover

    Black and White in color

    In Thru the Back-slipcover shot in hi def/widescreen

    The Gauntlet-slipcover-shot in hi def widescreen.

    Harlequin-Kaylani Lei,shot in hi def,5.1 surround,slipcover-also has spanish and german audiohttp://adult.dvdempire.com/Exec/v1_...earchStrID=1832


    Double Shocker-Vol 1-shot in hi def,slipcover

    After Midnight

    Naughty America-Neighbor Affair Vol 1

    Riot Sluts

    New Chicks Cum First

    Seymore Butts' Party at Butts Place

    Intimate Strangers

    If you have stuff to trade...submit it and I'll get back to you.

    The Outlaw-Roan Group $5

    The Walking Dead Vol 5-New-$7 or trade

    Some Wants:
    I did not have time to think of everything I want so submit what you have to trade..I’ll get back to you. I take Paypal also!

    Arrested Development 1-3
    As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (Region 3)
    Broken Trail (2006)
    Carnivale 1&2
    Done the Impossible
    THE OFFICE COMPLETE-British Series
    The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse
    X-Files(new slimline versions except season 1)
    Live at Knebworth, Parts 1, 2 & 3 [2 Discs] (1990)
    Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition
    Ransom: SE
    Resident Evil Superbit
    Splash: SE
    Tales From the Crypt Seasons(except season 2)

    Cds Wanted
    Dawn of the Dead - Unreleased Soundtrack Music

    Also can trade for non fiction books on cd, motivational programs on cd
    And horror zombie fiction books.

    Music CDs
    Secret Policeman's Other Ball: The Music

    -Chill Out/Electronic ones like Faithless, Thievery Corporation, Buddha Bar, Ibiza, Café Del Mar, Ambient, Paul Oakenfold, Radiohead, Massive Attack etc…I have a lot of music cds to trade also. I have many many classical cds can trade also.

    Just submit your trade lists-lots I still do not have..*Always looking for new releases and Criterions too-Submit it...

    w in on next trade for any of my wants

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