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    I have a Malata DVP-520 and two Toshiba DVD Players one of which is an SD-5100. I was quite happy using the Toshiba 5100 as the unit for the sleeping chamber, but it has now gone to DVD Player heaven, or considering that it was not on the market for very long, perhaps it went to DVD player hell. In any case, I need to replace the SD-5100.

    I would like to get another region free player so I can watch my region 2 PAL discs in the bedroom. Ideally I would like the player to have the following features:
    • Number Of Discs - more than one Mandatory (if and only if video and audio performance is not affected negatively)
    • Voltage - dual 110/220 @50/60Hz Mandatory
    • Onboard Dolby Decoder - desired but not required
    • Progressive Scan - Mandatory
    • Zoom - infinite zoom in and out in one pixel increments - Mandatory
    • X/Y Scaling - Mandatory
    • Upconverts To HD - Mandatory
    • DVD Bookmarking - Mandatory (Ideally pressing stop once would enable bookmarking, and pressing stop twice would disable it.)
    • Adjustable Brightness/Contrast - desireable but not required
    • Headphone Jack Volume Control - Mandatory
    • Firmware Updatable - Mandatory
    • Chipset - Whichever produces the best output for each mode - Mandatory
    • Outputs:

      Analog Stereo Output (RCA) - Mandatory
      Analog 5.1 Output (RCA) - desireable but not required
      Digital Audio Coaxial Output - Mandatory
      Digital Audio Optical Output - Mandatory
      Headphone Jack - Mandatory
      Composite Output - Mandatory
      S-Video Output - Mandatory
      Component Output - Mandatory
      DVI Output - Mandatory
      VGA Output - Mandatory
      Network - 10/100 Ethernet and/or USB Mandatory
    • Media Formats Supported:
      CD - Mandatory
      CD-R - Mandatory
      CD-RW - Mandatory
      DVD-Audio - Mandatory
      HDCD - Mandatory
      DVD-R - Mandatory
      DVD-RW - Mandatory
      DVD+R - Mandatory
      DVD+RW - Mandatory
      VCD - Mandatory
      SVCD - Mandatory
      MP3 - Mandatory
      Picture CD/JPEG - Mandatory
      MP4/MPEG4/AVI - Mandatory
    • Memory Cards - PCMCIA, and USB 1.1 port - Highly Desirable but not mandatory
    • Modification Type - none required to set unit to region free operation Mandatory
    • Regions - 0 Mandatory (region free out of the box)
    • Upgrade Method - CD or DVD - Mandatory
    • PAL-NTSC Compatability

      PAL-NTSC Converter - Mandatory
      Correct PAL-NTSC Conversion - Mandatory
      NTSC-PAL Converter - Mandatory
      Correct NTSC-PAL Conversion - Mandatory
      NTSC and PAL Output - Mandatory
      RCE/REA Support - Mandatory
    • Warranty (Parts/Labor) - One year minimum for both - Mandatory

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