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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Nick B, Nov 29, 2005.

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    Is appears as though the holiday season is again upon us. I am looking for a gift for my father. He loves to record bits of news broadcasts dealing with certain topics, and collect them all together. All he has now is a VCR and a DVD player. He has tons of VCR tapes that he likes to share. I am thinking that a DVD Player/Recorder would make his life a lot easier. First, he could convert all of his VCR tapes into DVDs. Secondly, I imagine it would be much easier to record and organize bits of broadcasts on DVD than on VCR tape.

    His audio/visual set up is EXTREMELY humble. He's just a cute nerd that wants to record news programs. So he has no use for anything even remotely high end. Because this is only one gift, it cannot break the holiday budget. Low end is fine. I just don't want to buy complete junk and throw money away.

    Here is my prime contender at the moment:

    What are your thoughts? Again, I greatly appreciate your advice and opinions. Thank you very much.

    Nick B

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