DVD player died. Time to upgrade...

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    My old Pioneer DVD/LD player finally went belly-up this evening. So now I need to find a replacement ... but I'm not sure that what I am looking for has hit the market yet.

    Here is what I am looking for in my next DVD player...
    - Progressive-scan component video, WITHOUT the chroma bug
    - DVD-Audio AND SACD decoding
    - Price: Up to $1,250

    The Onkyo DV-SP800 was looking interesting, but it may have the chroma bug. Has anyone seen progressive video on this and can report whether or not it exhibits this bug? There are varying reports about whether this has the Faroudja DCDi or not. The Faroudja chipset would conceal the chroma bug and make this a viable option. But if the chroma bug is visible, I would not be happy with this player.

    The Yamaha S2300 looked like the answer, but it won't be out for another month.

    I ruled out the Pioneer DV-47A/Ai due to the chroma bug and reports of lackluster multi-channel audio performance.

    The other option is the two-box solution: separate SACD and DVD-Audio/DVD players. I have been trying to avoid this route for 2 reasons: cost of buying 2 components with duplicate transport functionality, and the need for two 6.1-channel inputs to handle two components. In theory, a single box at $1,250 should have better audio/video quality than two ~$500 boxes, each with their own transports and analog electronics. More money can go into the $1,250 combi-player's electronics, and NO DUPLICATION.

    So what to do? I see my options as being:
    - Get the Onkyo now
    - Shut down my HT for a month and wait for the Yamaha S2300
    - Get a basic DD/DTS player and wait for a good combi-player with Faroudja DCDi and audiophile sound
    - Buy two components to get both SACD and DVD-Audio (as in: Denon 1600 and Sony 555ES)

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