Dvd Movies for sale. $10. PS2 Games $15, PC Games

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  1. Christopher J

    Apr 24, 2004
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    DVD's for sale. Viewed once, adult owned. Mint condition covers,cd, everything included
    in all cases in their original form.

    The Transporter [Special Edition][brand new,only opened]:: $10
    Dare Devil [brand new, only opened]:: $10
    Total Recall [Special Edition] :: $10
    Initial D [Battle: 01] by Tokyopop [english Release] :: $10
    Road to Perdition :: $10

    Playstation 2 Games::

    Auto Modellista:: $15
    Grand Theft Auto 3:: $15
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City:: $15

    PC Games::

    Hitman: Contracts:: $25 [Played only twice]

    sold as is,
    email: thedge_bobo@yahoo.com [Underscore, not a space]

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