DVD Marquee/HTF Radio News Update:Show #34

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Jeffrey, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Hi guys...

    Hope you guys have had an opportunity to check out our latest episode which crams a record eight (!) titles in a little over 24 minutes. We've got a lot of fun stuff coming your way in weeks ahead including our first contest giveaways, a sneak peek at the forthcoming award winning documentary No End In Sight and special guests including filmmaker Dan Griffin and HTF favorite, WB's George Feltenstein.

    To coin a phrase from Almost Famous, "It's all happening....."

    Remember, you can check out the show via the HTF Radio button or better yet for those of you into podcast subscribing, click on that RSS link and get the latest episodes via your podcast grabber of choice along with the rest of your favorite programs.

    Stay tuned,

    Jeffrey Rosado-
    The DVD Marquee

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