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    May 22, 2002
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    I was hoping someone could help me decide which Pioneer DVD player would best suit my needs!
    At present my system consists of the Sony KV36HS500 36" WEGA television, the Denon 3803 receiver, and a Klipsch speaker set up.

    Judging from the specs, the only difference between them is the IEEE1394 Digital Connection on the 47AI,(Which if I understand correctly, is only useful if you have a Phillips Digital Receiver), and Video D/A Conversion of 10 bits at 54 MHZ vs's the 47AI's 12 bits at 108 MHZ.

    My questions to you all is should I go with the DV47AI or the DV45A?, and is there a big difference in picture quality?. If I can save the $200 that's money I can use toward an SVS Sub. Thanks guys![​IMG]

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