DVD,Etc. Review of Granite Audio Subwoofer Cable

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    DVDetc. Magazine just gave this cable an astounding rating of 95 on page 88 of the Jan/Feb 2004 issue.
    Available on magazine stands now.

    "Granite Audio Model #429 Subwoofer Interconnect.

    Granite Audio has created a line of audio and video cables to ensure the performance of their high-end audio equipment. Subwoofer cables are an interesting topic because just about any analogue interconnect can be used. However, that doesn't mean it will sound good. With this in mind, the very well-handcrafted Model #429 was designed specifically for subwoofers.

    On music, the cable was able to convey the low level detail that means a recorded symphony sounds like you are there live. The bass performance of my subwoofer made the music sound far better and more realistic.

    The cable's effect on music was nothing compared to what it did for movies. The cables used for subs often render the booms and bangs as mere shadows. The Model #429 allowed the true majesty of The Lord of the Rings to be heard, even at it's lowest levels. The difference made depends on bass levels of the material, but the more you use this cable, the more you won't want to live without it. - By Brett Rudolph
    Rating 95."

    I have been a fan and user of Granite Audio cabling (and power cords) for several years in my dedicated home theater. In fact, I use their balanced 470 silver interconnects exclusively for all of my audio (and three Aerial subwoofers)cabling in my high resolution home theater system. I understand that their new subwoofer cable is at a more affordable price point than their silver cabling yet performs quite nicely.

    What subwoofer did Brett use in his system for the test?
    Can you tell us what subwoofer cables he's previously used that just didn't match up to the Granite Audio subwoofer cable? Any plans to review any other Granite Audio cabling, etc. products? (Like maybe the Ground Zero,
    which connects to the chassis of components with impedance adjustments so you can equalize the ground potential of components and alleviate ground loops which plague so many audio and home theater systems.)

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