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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Ian.Mac, May 5, 2003.

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    Hmmmmm....let me preface this by saying I am no pro, but my ears are fussy. I like my music natural, articulate

    I've had my DV-S755ai (DV-47ai) hooked up for a few weeks now (to my SR7200) and have been happily playing with stereo, DVD, and DVD-A source material.

    I like it! But...well....it sorta sucks to my ears on 2 channel stereo using regular CD's (sorry but thats about as technical as my ears get). I've played with the Legato and Hi-Bit settings (which I DONT like doing, any form of processing is anathema in my mind) to try and improve my lot in life and I still feel let down when using the 6.1 inputs on the SR7200.

    Various situations:

    Legato off Hi-Bit off...flat and unnatural
    Legato on Hi-Bit off...a bit more spacious, punchier, but still lacking depth of field, notes dont sound natural, sort of artificial
    Legato on Hi-Bit on...a more complex sound, but the vocals seem to get edgey with this setting on, I usually wind up switching it off

    Now using Toslink out to the SR7200

    Digital in, source direct off...awful, but it will impress your friends. Sounds better with the fronts on small, but still muddier than the alternatives
    Digital in, source direct on...lovely. Quite lovely. My best alternative. It isnt 100% rounded, but it does a very creditable job.

    BUT...I ask...given the supposed improvements in the 47ai with the BB DAC's etc to clean up the dryness noted in earlier versions, and the supposedly decent sound of it, why do the Marantzs' internals do it better? I'm not saying its ideal or wonderful, but its very open, listenable, natural.

    I'm inclined to either see what can be done with my 47ai (755ai) to upgrade it, or add an external DAC to clean up the whole show as it IS a good video player and does have the DVD-A/SACD options.

    Or perhaps trade with someone for a good or modded CD player that will give me the experience I'm after, given I dont really care for the DVD-A/SACD options at this point in time anyway.

    That said, money is tight and I need to do what I can on a budget. So I'm on the lookout in the first instance for a great CD player that'll do 240V, or a reasonably priced DAC option that'll also do 240V.

    I post this in the hope that
    a) either someone has one of these options to offer
    b) is a 47ai or 755ai owner that can offer suggestions
    c) is an aussie that might be able to help out with an upgrade or trade me something for the 755ai?


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